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AAL Kobe
AAL Kobe
Ship's information
Vessel Type MPC
HL Vessel
TEUs 2019
IMO No 9498444
Former Names Hyundai Seoul
MMSI No 538004809
Call Sign V7ZF3
Flag Marshall Islands
Port of Registry Majuro
Classification Society GL
Year of Build 2012
Country of Build China
LOA (m) 193.9
BOA (m) 28.20
DW (mt) 31109.4
GRT (rt) 23930
NRT (rt) 10947
ME Maker QMD Wartsila
ME Type 7RT-flex50B
Power kW 11620
Strokes 2
UMS yes
No of Cargo Cranes 4
Cargo Cranes SWL (mt) 1x50mt; 3x350mt; 1x100mt
Cargo Cranes Maker NMF
Cargo Cranes Type DKII 50027/45030
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